Our Vision


At Holland Park Creche and Family Centre we thrive from what we offer to the families and children belonging to our community of learners.
We are here to connect with families, their children and the wider community; we are here to create joy in each child’s lives while they learn through play; we are here to make families and children feel the centre is an extension of their home; we are here to be active and collaborative participants in each child’s growth and development;  we are here to support each family and child to our best ability.

At Holland Park Creche and Family Centre  we will achieve success when we witness learning and joy through meaningful experiences; when we are facilitators of children’s natural curiosity and eagerness for learning, when we have involved families contributing to enrich the program;
when we experience professional fulfilment through fully using our skills and seeing the results through the children’s learning and happiness; when we are appreciated by our community of learners; when we offer the best Early Childhood Program we can through solid relationships and a quality program; when we have strong connections with the community, our families and children, and within team members.

At Holland Park Creche and Family Centre, the whole team is equipped with specific knowledge to share and guide our decisions and behaviours for the best interest of the children; we tailor our communication and responses to families according to their own individual needs; we articulate our daily work guided by the collective thinking of how our choices and actions will impact on other classrooms and the whole centre; we work flexibility within our responsibilities to meet the needs of the children in our care; we make decisions in consultation with our team members, guided by the philosophy of the centre; our professional learning knowledge and skills are used to deliver quality learning and maintain the wellbeing of the children in our care; We believe that what we are doing now will positively impact on the present and future of the children who are part of our community of learners.

October 2020

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